Saturday, June 12, 2010

*more* freebies!

old spice odor blocker (for chris. but don't take it the wrong way. he doesn't stink. it's just free body wash! yay!). and some shampoo stuff. i think it's john frieda? super.

white strips. one set. so, i dont' know what good one set of whitestrips will do me, but imma use them anyways. especially with wedding photos looming in my future. bright white smiles mean happiness and health, ya know? well, i made that up. but they look good in photographs.

awesome. a full size razor. and apparently it's a really good one. battery operated? i don't get that. but dude. this retails for like, $10 or something. sweet.

this photo's for my mom. who labeled me a non-modest person for posting something she considered inappropriate on my facebook photos. in any case, i received a sample of lotion and tampons something personal.

aren't freebies great? i hope you followed the instructions i posted on my earlier post and are getting your own freebies in the mail!


  1. Bahahaha. I love the "censored" block.

  2. P.S., my word verification was "manvo" as in a conversation between to men. :)

  3. You are too funny. I just asked what ever happened to modesty.


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