Friday, June 11, 2010

some wedding planning things

i've been doing awesome.
there's still 57 days until the wedding, but things are coming along so nicely.

here's an update:

should be made by the end of june, shipped here beginning of july for my fitting.

picked out flavors, will have a tasting first week of july.

chris' tux
yeah. still waiting.

plane ticket
we're flying chris' mom in for the wedding. i have to put my half of the money towards it and purchase it beginning of july.

checked out lots in the downtown area. the hyatt regency seems to have the best deal for the money-- even has an "amour" package- with champagne, strawberries, breakfast, and late check out. we'll probably pick that one.
**EDIT: chris just reserved our room! one more thing to mark off the to-do list**

mom's taking care of this! i think she's doing it end of june? then she'll ship them all to me.

god bless tasha for offering to make the boxes. and mom's probably going to make some goodies to go in them, and ship them to me also, or bring them when she comes in town.

again, god bless friends. sarah [and zack] are hosting our co-ed wedding shower. vegas theme, baby. can't wait! it'll be on july 24, so mark your calendars now!

i'm probably forgetting to list something, but oh, well! things are going so perfectly so far!

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