Monday, June 14, 2010

the unexpected.

i underestimate people. i judge people based on a look they give, or the way they dress, or the way they smell, or their hairstyle. i am surprised when they act in a way i don't expect them to.

example 1
on the bus last week, there was an old woman who looked so crotchety and mean. she was actually glaring at one lady- my guess is because the lady had a nice body and felt the need to show it in what she was wearing (trust me, if i looked like her, i'd be wearing similar clothes. they were tasteful, but clingy in all the right places). the old woman openly glared at her, even when the younger lady made eye contact.
when we go to the transfer station, the old lady got off the bus first, then the young lady, then me. as this really old, frail woman made her way to the curb, the young lady offered her arm to help the old woman down the curb, across the street, and up the curb on the other side.
if an old woman was glaring at me, even for no reason, if she was just mean-looking, i probably would not help her across the street. and that's horrible of me.

example 2
this morning at the bus stop, there was a guy who, for lack of better description, looked like a hoodlum. baggy pants, ripped t-shirt, smoking one of those thin cigars. when the bus came up, i grabbed for my bus pass, and a credit card fell out of my wallet. the man jumped to get it-- and i thought i'd just lost a credit card. he handed it back to me. simple enough, but there's more. when we're getting on the bus, i was right before him, and he was the last one to get on. when he's almost getting on, he saw a blind man who was sitting on the bench and asked him if he was waiting for the 44 (our bus). he was, so the man helped him get on our bus.

example 3
i met kyle and tasha (friends of chris) just twice. once at their house, and once we all went out to dinner then to the arcade. i love them both. tasha and i both like the twilight series, and being crafty, and i'm so upset that we live so far apart. anyways, we called them to ask if their older daughter could be our flower girl. i started talking to tasha about favors, and she offered to make them. she. offered. to. make. them. i've met the girl twice, and she's making my wedding favors. i love this.

so, this post ends up being a sort of self-examination. as hard as it is to admit it, there are people who i judge before i know them. judge a book by its cover, if you will. and this for all my talk about being fair, and not being prejudiced or anything. turns out, i have prejudice of a different kind. this stuff shouldn't surprise me.


now it's your turn.