Friday, June 4, 2010

what a BEAUTIFUL day

right? i mean, it IS friday.

plus i drove to work today. since i take the train every day, this is a nice break. it's neat to have that freedom of having your car with you. not so nice to pay for the gas, mind you, but worth it today, because we're going to a baseball game right after work! so excited. hot dogs, nachos, and beer have been calling my name all week ever since i found out we're going!

because i drove this morning, and i picked up chris, we stopped at starbucks for a nice coffee and breakfast since we were really early. don't worry. my breakfast was dark cherries with fat-free yogurt and a sprinkling of granola. and it was deliciously healthy.

tomorrow and sunday, we have very little plans. which is nice. we'll go get my ring sized (YESSSS! no more taking it off in the shower because i'm scared it'll fall off!) and hopefully get chris' iphone fixed. his will freeze all the time and it gets so annoying. it is a problem they have sometimes, so he'll get a new one if they can't fix it, cause luckily it's been less than a year that he's had this one.

i might make a good dinner on sunday. i've been in the mood for homemade pizza. or soup in bread bowls, but it's a little warm to do the soup. what? you don't like hot soup when it's 102 outside? yeah, me neither. i'd also like to sweep and mop the house. and maybe wash my car in the yard (singing: my car wash brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like... wait, wrong song).

did i tell you i mailed out my wedding invites yesterday morning? of course not, cause i didn't blog yesterday. well, i did.

i had so much fun last night getting freebies. thing is, i'd registered for as many as i could get from the ones i find easily. so what did i do? start registering others! leann, mom, dad, and rio should be watching their mailboxes to see goodies come in the next 4-6 weeks :-)

wow. this post was allovertheplace. forgive me, but it's such a beautiful day, i didn't feel like organizing my thoughts before jotting them down!

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