Tuesday, June 22, 2010

wow, really?

every now and then it hits me that i'm planning a wedding. well, mom's mainly planning it. but i guess what i mean is sometimes it really hits me that i'm getting married. like today. i found out mom bought plane tickets and got me a garter, and i bought the cupcake toppers for mine and chris' cupcakes.

it's one thing to send out invites and forget about them for some time, except when i occasionally get one back in the mail. it's one thing to send an email asking for information about the venue and wait for a response.

it's entirely another to see wedding things stack up in the back bedroom all together. vases, a gift from mom and dad. it's another thing to be packing up all my stuff to get ready for the move.

i'm getting married! (in only 46 days!)


  1. Ahh, so excited for you! It's strange the things that make it seem more real.

  2. Hey that's awesome! I'm getting married soon too! :P


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