Wednesday, July 28, 2010

what a fun wedding shower!

my apologies in advance for the poor quality on the pictures. it appears my phone camera is going downhill along with the rest of the phone. boo. but yay for a new iphone 4 in a month or two!

chris and i had a lovely wedding shower thanks to zack and sarah. it was a vegas themed shower, so look at the poker chip cakes that zack made! that's right, zack made them, not sarah :-)

sarah'd also made scratch off cards that she sold for $1, and some were duds, but some had winning tickets-- my uncle won a kiss from me, and maria won a kiss from chris. apparently there's many more (worse) winners in the stock-- come to the after party to get a few yourself! only a dollar each!

i was in the room where people were playing wii casino games, but in the other room there was a pretty big game of texas hold 'em going on. i don't really know what that means, but everyone seemed to be having a good time :-)

We have the greatest friends-- got some great gifts, like giftcards, kitchen things, art for the house...

After most people left, it was just me, chris, zack, sarah, taryn, adam, and matt. we all stuck around, tried our best to finish off the margaritas, and played board games. it was a phenomenal evening. :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

me time.

i haven't been feeling very sympathetic lately.

i've got a few things going on outside of my world, and i'm always the one running to fix or comfort other people. but right now i want to just be happy and focus on my wedding. because i'm getting married soon. like, in 12 days. and i just want to enjoy that. i don't want to worry about why susie might be late to the reception, or whether johnny will come to the after party. i just want to have fun and enjoy this.

i want to concentrate on the fact that i'll finally be living with the man i love.

i want to enjoy waking up next to him and making his breakfast.

i want to love that we're going to be with our closest family and friends, celebrating the start of our life together.

and that's all i want to do. enjoy my new life.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

um, ouch.

i hurt myself in the kitchen more than almost anyone i know.

chris thinks it's one of my endearing qualities.

today i was incorrectly using the mandolin to slice cucumbers, when i also sliced off the tip of my finger and half of my fingernail. seriously. as i'm holding it under the cold water and washing it, i looked over and i see the tip of my finger, still attached to the nail, sitting on the kitchen counter.

so THAT'S why a handy veggie-holder device is included in the set.

it hurts. like woah. making me nauseous.

Friday, July 23, 2010

delicious, always fresh, freezer corn!

I was browsing through grocery ads yesterday, and found some great deals at Newflower (Sunflower everywhere but TX) Market. Here's what I was able to snag for amazing deals:

15 tomatoes, 20 key limes, package of mint, two cucumbers, two pounds of carrots, and 10 corn cobs for...

drumroll please...

$9.12. Nine dollars and twelve cents. Know why? Cause they're all in season. awesome.
And I have plans for all of it. I'm making scalloped tomatoes with croutons on Sunday, and need a lot of tomatoes for that. I'm cutting the carrots into carrot sticks for snacks with lunches. I'm putting the cucumbers, limes, and mint in water to make flavored summer cucumber water for Sunday's dinner.

and the corn... oh, the corn. This is what I did with the corn:

Shucked it. Cleaned off all the strings i could get.

Cut it all off the cob, and mix with some water, some sugar, and some salt. I also added some parsley, just for color. Mix well, then get to a rolling boil and remove from the heat until it reaches room temperature.

After it's cooled, spoon the corn and some water into baggies and freeze individually. When you want to have it for dinner, just take a bag out of the freezer and heat either in the microwave or on the stove.

I did a taste test while it was cooling, and this is probably the best corn I've ever had. It gets the fresh taste of the summer corn, with a mix of sweet and salty that can't be beat. And I'll be able to have "fresh" corn for a while now. You can bet this is not the last time I'll do this, even this season. While corn is cheap (10/$1) I'll stock up a few times. It was easy to do.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

photo contest

i forgot to mention:
there's a photo contest going on over here, and i'm one of the finalists. please please please go and vote for me... if you think i deserve it.

voting is in her right sidebar-- please vote for "Erin's photo". the photos are listed in her blog post.

thank you!!

getting there

so many things are falling into place.

they better, because there's just over two weeks until the wedding.

yesterday, i brought my wedding dress from my old house to our new apartment. that was exciting. i didn't like it not being with me.

yesterday, we had our final premarital counseling session.

yesterday, i changed my phone to be a TX number, so we could get a family plan.

yesterday, we got our marriage license.

Monday, July 19, 2010

some moving tips

1. get movers. save up for them. hire some friends to help. however you do this, don't do it alone.

2. move in the late fall or early winter. this time frame will vary based on where you live, but in dallas, whatever you do, do not move in the middle of july.

3. if you've recruited help, promise them pizza as a payment afterwards. follow through, but get cheap, delicious pizza. gas to make two trips with a u-haul trailer is expensive.

4. get everything inside. just get it in. you can decide later where it will all go. also known as: spend as little time outside as possible, get everything inside fast (where there's AC).

5. reward yourself. only do enough work to hook up the tv to the dvd player, get a redbox movie, then have leftover pizza and chips, salsa, popcorn while watching the movie.

6. drink a lot of water. especially if it's 105 degrees outside and you're dripping sweat from places you didn't know you could drip sweat.

7. put the kitchen together. if you're anything like me, you want to use it. and you want to use it now. and if nothing else, you have one room pretty much done, and very presentable. now to keep it this way...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

creative dinner

i move the day after tomorrow. which means my whole house is packed right now. well, everything except clothes because i can just grab the hangers and put those in the car to move.

sidenote: i've been craving beef. soooo bad. it'd been a while since i've had any sort of meat, so i thought maybe i was craving the protein, so last night i had a thick peanut butter sandwich. it didn't fix my craving. so i finally admitted that it's the iron i'm craving, and i had to have red meat for dinner tonight.

i planned on getting beef kabobs, so i had vegetables also. kroger didn't have any . they just had chicken kabobs. so i still wanted to cook, but remember, my house is packed-- i have to think creative with how i'll do the cooking, too.

i decided to get beef tips, a steam-in-bag asian veggies pack, and a salad. the salad doesn't need prep, so that just was eaten on a styrofoam plate. now for my creative part-- i broiled the beef tips (because the broil pan stays with the oven) while i steamed the veggies, then mixed them all together with a little soy sauce. it is so good! it's such a good meal that i may do this sometime, even when i have all my pots and pans out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i am

nip tuck season 5 on netflix

listening to
"leann mixtape 1" before bed, classical hits on the bus, and the script pandora radio at work

the bible, and sheet music

making socks for christmas gifts

tired. exhausted. headachey

collage and mixed media on canvas

for a supportive fiance and family

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the seam rippers

i feel like tonight, i should be guest blogging on the seam rippers. however, they actually have GOOD projects, not disasters. i guess i deserve to guest post on there only because my fingers have cramped from me using my seam ripper so much tonight.

i FINALLY got around to mending pants for a friend. she gave me three pair of scrub bottoms and asked me to let the bottom hem out, so she could get almost another inch length in them. no problem. easy peasy. i can do this. and i did. i did a great job on the first two pair, about two weeks ago. i'd left this blue here because i didn't have the right thread (i ended up buying a blue that was way too light anyway, but it'll do). well, with the move and all, i didn't want her to have to wait on me anymore. and since i'd finally found my seam ripper, it would make my job much much easier, so i didn't have to sit with my little scissors to undo the hem.

my machine broke. it kept jamming! it was okay, but would go some, then stop and stitch in place, then go again-- so the job looked like crap. i decided maybe if i just went over that same line again, it would make it better? bad idea. now i have to undo TWO different seams instead of just one.

i undo the seams. i start all over. my needle won't move after about, oh, ONE stitch. now, this gets me frustrated. so frustrated, in fact, that i take a break for dinner. ham sandwich with the bag of chex mix that came as a freebie in today's mail (yay!).

then i decide i need to calm down a little, so i do some reading for a few minutes. good stuff here, people.

i finally come back to the machine. it's still not working. ok, this is getting serious. i don't think that the bobbin wound correctly, so i check it. it's got a rough spot, but getting past that doesn't fix the machine. and THIS time, it leaves a horrible knot inside the machine. i'm a little worried. it's time to bring out the big guns.

why on earth do they leave you with tools that don't even fit the project?? the screwdriver wouldn't fit in enough to give me leverage. plus, is that bobbin part supposed to wiggle like it does? oh, no. i'm stressing out.

so since i think it's a bobbin issue, i decide to change from blue to my white bobbin, cause i've never had problems with my white one. when i'm putting it in the machine, something doesn't feel right. so i check again. and again. and again.

i'd been putting the bobbin in backwards. upside down. whatever you want to call it. my machine was fine, it was just my not paying attention that could have ruined my whole machine. sure enough, when i flipped the bobbin and actually paid attention, it worked just fine. imagine that.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

God's word

It's quite amazing how God knows months ahead of time when you're going to need certain verses. I was on a reading schedule of 2-3 chapters of the bible a night. Chris decided that we were to read the same chapter daily and discuss it together. to help us grow.

We fought yesterday. not a screaming, beat-down, loud fight, but we fought. for a decent part of the afternoon and into the evening. because we were focusing on ourselves. because i was feeling betrayed and he was feeling beat down. but we both sat down (separately) and read our bible verse for the night.

enter Philippians chapter 4:

rejoice in the Lord always. i will say it again: rejoice! let your gentleness be evident to all. the Lord is near. do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-- think about such things

...for i have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. i know what it is to be in need, and i know what it is to have plenty. i have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. i can do everything through him who gives me strength.

it's really amazing how a few paragraphs can change your whole outlook. change your attitude. make you fall more in love.

Friday, July 9, 2010

photo contest

i'm entering these two photos in a blogging photo contest, found here. what do you think?

change of direction

i was looking through my blog and noticed my label cloud. i'm not thrilled with some of it. i think parts should be larger than they are. .. if you don't know what a label cloud is, it's a way to show what you talk most about. most of my posts have labels with what they're about, and this one shows how common those labels are-- larger and brighter means i talk about it more.

look at how small thankful is! it's smaller than whining. that's pathetic. also, crafts should be much bigger. see, if i would ever tell you about the stuff i'm doing, it might. well, that, and i need to finish lots now. but i can give updates!

now, maybe it's just me, but i think that shopping should be a little bigger, too. whatdya say, fiance? huh? huh?

and you'd think with the size of healthy living that i'd be living, well, super healthy? i'm working on it, honestly. i can't wait to move to the new place because i'll be home about an hour earlier than i am now, so i can actually have time to cook a decent dinner.

i guess that's it. i hope to change the direction of this blog just a little. we'll see. i might not get anything out of this little rant, other than a cute blog.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

moving soon!!

i'm ready to move.
i'm READY to move!!

chris and i got so much packing done this past week. he's going to come over again this saturday, when we'll go get some starbucks, then return home to do a lot of stuff. he'll mow the lawn, i'll take all the things off the wall that are left up, and then we'll both clip maya's nails before we pack the rest of the house. i'll pack the bathroom, and almost everything left in the kitchen. chris is in charge of the front bedroom, and i'll take the back one. there's really not much left to do after our productive weekend we just had. so we'll get done saturday and then i have nothing else to do until the move! so exciting!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

grocery shopping

grocery shopping is so much cheaper than eating lunch out. when i eat lunch out, i'll spend about $6 or $7 to eat on campus, at one of the fast-food style eateries. if i were ever to think about going out to a "real" restaurant, i'd spend probably $8-$12. for. one. meal.

i went grocery shopping today after work at super target. i was really nervous, and just planned to go to see how expensive some things would be-- because it's target. they have "stuff", not groceries. so the groceries must be expensive.

well, i wish i was good with coupons, cause i'd have been even better than i was today! i bought:
  • 5-pack of south beach chocolate bars
  • lots of lunchmeat (ham)
  • bread
  • a chinese-takeout-style thai meal
  • a can of hunt's tomato sauce
  • a piece of steak i'm marinating for tomorrow
  • a pint of blueberries
  • three bananas
  • a big tub of vanilla light-n-fit yogurt
  • 5 michelina lean gourmet meals

so i have enough food for 5 breakfasts (yogurt with fruit and my homemade granola), 5 lunches (the frozen dinners), and lots of dinners (steak with noodle side and veggies, pasta with the sauce, sandwiches, and the thai meal). also snacks (fruit, the south beach bars).

and i spent $21. on my receipt it says i saved $10.24-- cause i got good sales and even clearance items. so, i was extremely pleased with my target shopping day!

a day in my life

want to know what i do all day? go here to find out.
(i guest blogged for the first time! yay, me!)

Friday, July 2, 2010

neat video

watch the whole thing. i'm hesitant about these, but my cousin posted it on her facebook. said you'd have chills and/or tears. i never believe that, but man, i had both. it's a good video. kudos to the church that did this.