Friday, July 9, 2010

change of direction

i was looking through my blog and noticed my label cloud. i'm not thrilled with some of it. i think parts should be larger than they are. .. if you don't know what a label cloud is, it's a way to show what you talk most about. most of my posts have labels with what they're about, and this one shows how common those labels are-- larger and brighter means i talk about it more.

look at how small thankful is! it's smaller than whining. that's pathetic. also, crafts should be much bigger. see, if i would ever tell you about the stuff i'm doing, it might. well, that, and i need to finish lots now. but i can give updates!

now, maybe it's just me, but i think that shopping should be a little bigger, too. whatdya say, fiance? huh? huh?

and you'd think with the size of healthy living that i'd be living, well, super healthy? i'm working on it, honestly. i can't wait to move to the new place because i'll be home about an hour earlier than i am now, so i can actually have time to cook a decent dinner.

i guess that's it. i hope to change the direction of this blog just a little. we'll see. i might not get anything out of this little rant, other than a cute blog.

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  1. I can't wait until this cloud shows GOD as the biggest, and Husband as the second biggest. :)


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