Thursday, July 15, 2010

creative dinner

i move the day after tomorrow. which means my whole house is packed right now. well, everything except clothes because i can just grab the hangers and put those in the car to move.

sidenote: i've been craving beef. soooo bad. it'd been a while since i've had any sort of meat, so i thought maybe i was craving the protein, so last night i had a thick peanut butter sandwich. it didn't fix my craving. so i finally admitted that it's the iron i'm craving, and i had to have red meat for dinner tonight.

i planned on getting beef kabobs, so i had vegetables also. kroger didn't have any . they just had chicken kabobs. so i still wanted to cook, but remember, my house is packed-- i have to think creative with how i'll do the cooking, too.

i decided to get beef tips, a steam-in-bag asian veggies pack, and a salad. the salad doesn't need prep, so that just was eaten on a styrofoam plate. now for my creative part-- i broiled the beef tips (because the broil pan stays with the oven) while i steamed the veggies, then mixed them all together with a little soy sauce. it is so good! it's such a good meal that i may do this sometime, even when i have all my pots and pans out!

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  1. Hey, that sounds pretty good. And something SR might even eat. I'll have to try it soon.


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