Tuesday, July 6, 2010

grocery shopping

grocery shopping is so much cheaper than eating lunch out. when i eat lunch out, i'll spend about $6 or $7 to eat on campus, at one of the fast-food style eateries. if i were ever to think about going out to a "real" restaurant, i'd spend probably $8-$12. for. one. meal.

i went grocery shopping today after work at super target. i was really nervous, and just planned to go to see how expensive some things would be-- because it's target. they have "stuff", not groceries. so the groceries must be expensive.

well, i wish i was good with coupons, cause i'd have been even better than i was today! i bought:
  • 5-pack of south beach chocolate bars
  • lots of lunchmeat (ham)
  • bread
  • a chinese-takeout-style thai meal
  • a can of hunt's tomato sauce
  • a piece of steak i'm marinating for tomorrow
  • a pint of blueberries
  • three bananas
  • a big tub of vanilla light-n-fit yogurt
  • 5 michelina lean gourmet meals

so i have enough food for 5 breakfasts (yogurt with fruit and my homemade granola), 5 lunches (the frozen dinners), and lots of dinners (steak with noodle side and veggies, pasta with the sauce, sandwiches, and the thai meal). also snacks (fruit, the south beach bars).

and i spent $21. on my receipt it says i saved $10.24-- cause i got good sales and even clearance items. so, i was extremely pleased with my target shopping day!

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  1. Dude! That's an awesome shopping trip! I can't even do that well at Walmart.


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