Monday, July 26, 2010

me time.

i haven't been feeling very sympathetic lately.

i've got a few things going on outside of my world, and i'm always the one running to fix or comfort other people. but right now i want to just be happy and focus on my wedding. because i'm getting married soon. like, in 12 days. and i just want to enjoy that. i don't want to worry about why susie might be late to the reception, or whether johnny will come to the after party. i just want to have fun and enjoy this.

i want to concentrate on the fact that i'll finally be living with the man i love.

i want to enjoy waking up next to him and making his breakfast.

i want to love that we're going to be with our closest family and friends, celebrating the start of our life together.

and that's all i want to do. enjoy my new life.


  1. I agree! It's easy to say "don't worry about the small stuff", but the practice always gets tricky! *hugs* Good luck!


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