Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the seam rippers

i feel like tonight, i should be guest blogging on the seam rippers. however, they actually have GOOD projects, not disasters. i guess i deserve to guest post on there only because my fingers have cramped from me using my seam ripper so much tonight.

i FINALLY got around to mending pants for a friend. she gave me three pair of scrub bottoms and asked me to let the bottom hem out, so she could get almost another inch length in them. no problem. easy peasy. i can do this. and i did. i did a great job on the first two pair, about two weeks ago. i'd left this blue here because i didn't have the right thread (i ended up buying a blue that was way too light anyway, but it'll do). well, with the move and all, i didn't want her to have to wait on me anymore. and since i'd finally found my seam ripper, it would make my job much much easier, so i didn't have to sit with my little scissors to undo the hem.

my machine broke. it kept jamming! it was okay, but would go some, then stop and stitch in place, then go again-- so the job looked like crap. i decided maybe if i just went over that same line again, it would make it better? bad idea. now i have to undo TWO different seams instead of just one.

i undo the seams. i start all over. my needle won't move after about, oh, ONE stitch. now, this gets me frustrated. so frustrated, in fact, that i take a break for dinner. ham sandwich with the bag of chex mix that came as a freebie in today's mail (yay!).

then i decide i need to calm down a little, so i do some reading for a few minutes. good stuff here, people.

i finally come back to the machine. it's still not working. ok, this is getting serious. i don't think that the bobbin wound correctly, so i check it. it's got a rough spot, but getting past that doesn't fix the machine. and THIS time, it leaves a horrible knot inside the machine. i'm a little worried. it's time to bring out the big guns.

why on earth do they leave you with tools that don't even fit the project?? the screwdriver wouldn't fit in enough to give me leverage. plus, is that bobbin part supposed to wiggle like it does? oh, no. i'm stressing out.

so since i think it's a bobbin issue, i decide to change from blue to my white bobbin, cause i've never had problems with my white one. when i'm putting it in the machine, something doesn't feel right. so i check again. and again. and again.

i'd been putting the bobbin in backwards. upside down. whatever you want to call it. my machine was fine, it was just my not paying attention that could have ruined my whole machine. sure enough, when i flipped the bobbin and actually paid attention, it worked just fine. imagine that.



  1. You can totally do a guest post since I haven't done one in FOREVS. I heart you. This sounds like something I would do. I get so mad when I'm sewing sometimes that I curse to myself.

  2. Oh girl...I can't believe we blog about these things, but it's so interesting to read isn't it? I had similar problems this week with a project. The thread kept breaking and getting all knotted up. I kept checking the bobbin, taking it out, putting it back in. I couldn't figure it out. Until....I looked up and realized the top wasn't threaded correctly. Talking about doh!
    Anytime you want to guest post....please do!!


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