Monday, July 19, 2010

some moving tips

1. get movers. save up for them. hire some friends to help. however you do this, don't do it alone.

2. move in the late fall or early winter. this time frame will vary based on where you live, but in dallas, whatever you do, do not move in the middle of july.

3. if you've recruited help, promise them pizza as a payment afterwards. follow through, but get cheap, delicious pizza. gas to make two trips with a u-haul trailer is expensive.

4. get everything inside. just get it in. you can decide later where it will all go. also known as: spend as little time outside as possible, get everything inside fast (where there's AC).

5. reward yourself. only do enough work to hook up the tv to the dvd player, get a redbox movie, then have leftover pizza and chips, salsa, popcorn while watching the movie.

6. drink a lot of water. especially if it's 105 degrees outside and you're dripping sweat from places you didn't know you could drip sweat.

7. put the kitchen together. if you're anything like me, you want to use it. and you want to use it now. and if nothing else, you have one room pretty much done, and very presentable. now to keep it this way...


  1. Any time I move, the kitchen is the first room I finish.

    I have one to add: if you own a piano and you know you're going to be moving a lot, sell it and buy an electric piano. It saves room in your house and it's much lighter. Otherwise, you needs two to three men each time you move.

  2. Hi Erin! I THINK that one of your PHOTOS might of made it to the finals! I won't know for sure until the 22nd, but I think so! So if on the 22nd, if you could post about the voting being open, I'd be obliged to ya. Please don't post about it until the 22nd! Thanks!


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