Saturday, August 14, 2010

first week of marriage, a success.

it's all over.
all the planning, the anxiety, the stress, the get-it-over-with...
it's all over.
now i relax.

the wedding was lovely. i felt "skinny and pretty!"-- haha. chris cried. the food and cupcakes were awesome. my brother wore a Steeler tie with his suit. karaoke and mexican food were great.

we stayed at the hyatt regency, which is on the south side of downtown dallas. so we had a view of the entire city. it was beautiful, especially at night when all the lights of the city were on. we were too exhausted to go to dinner somewhere, so we ate at a wonderful italian restaurant in the hotel. chris had seafood pasta, and i had lamb. it was so good.

i loved the shower head in the hotel shower. it was so strong. really helped in "de-stressing" the day off of me.

we had chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne delivered to the hotel room, then room-service breakfast in the morning. there was still leftover champagne, so we had mimosas. yum!

when we got home, we opened all of our gifts from the wedding. we were blown away at the generosity of people. loved everything. even got gifts from people we don't know! then, we went to target to get our really nice sheets. i know, it's the day after our wedding, but i get antsy if i'm not doing anything. so yes, we went shopping. and it was delightful! we were able to get a cart (not window-shop) for the first time in ages! so nice.

monday morning, i made coffee, pastries, and packed lunch for chris and me. i won't go into details of every day, but here's my favorite things about the first week of marriage:
  • packing chris' lunch.
  • making the bed in the morning.
  • getting home before him and having dinner ready when he gets home.
  • having someone at home who can check on scary noises and kill spiders.
  • reading the bible together in the evenings.
  • having a husband who draws a candlelit bubble bath for me after a stressful day.

i've really changed. when we first met, i was this super independent person. i told chris from the beginning that i needed my "me" time. i couldn't see him every day. so when we started talking marriage, that part scared me. he'd be there, 24/7! when would i get my me-time?
i don't need it. yet.
i love having chris there. i find ways every day that i can serve him, and make him happy. i want this transition into our new place to be easy for him. i don't even like being in the car without him now. i'm sure i'll need my own time again eventually, but for now, i am just really enjoying being married to him.

great ending to the week? last night we went and saw inception. go. see it. now. seriously.

life is beautiful.

plus, i kicked his butt BAD in wii bowling. i rock.


  1. Aw, I miss bowling! Real bowling, not Wii bowling. I wish I could remember how many times you said, "skinny and pretty." Haha. Glad married life suits you. :)

  2. You WERE skinny and pretty. Don't you know every bride is?

    Glad you are enjoying yourself.

  3. I'm so glad you love married life... it's pretty fantastic! :-)

    Also, Inception is a fantastic movie. One of the few Will was like... "Let's buy the DVD when it comes out!" LOL

    Your night at the hotel sounds fantastic! Glad you relaxed! Your ring is gorgeous! :-)

    Enjoy week 2!


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