Monday, August 30, 2010

menu on monday

monday: lasagna rollups with steamed vegetables
prep: thaw ravioli, make olive oil sauce

tuesday: mushroom ravioli in roasted garlic olive oil with spinach

wednesday: grilled cheese with tomato soup
prep: thaw meatloaf, thaw corn

thursday: meatloaf, steamed rice/veggies, sweet corn

friday: beef stir fry with peppers and onion, steamed rice

saturday: dinner at medieval times with family

sunday: hopefully dinner with george and toni, and hatch chili roasting

this week i'm doing a lot of easy meals. the rollups, ravioli, and meatloaf are currently sitting in the freezer from my freezer cooking days. grilled cheese and tomato soup is chris' cooking day, because he makes so much better grilled cheese sandwiches than i do! plus, i'll use that time to work on school work instead of cooking dinner. i'm going to start trying to plan one meal a week that chris is cooking, which keeps him involved and gives me time to focus on other things so i don't stress about keeping house.

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  1. You know, you can also buy those frozen dinners for two. We've been doing that a lot lately since it's kind of hard to cook a nice homemade meal with a needy almost 4-month-old. I know you're enjoying cooking from scratch but if you ever need a break, just pop one of those in the oven or microwave. Or sometimes we make salad with imitation crab and whatever veggies we feel like. Doesn't take much time and it's easy clean-up b/c you aren't cooking, plus it doesn't heat up the house when it's hot outside.


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