Sunday, August 15, 2010

the search for a church- first baptist dallas

since chris and i moved about 25 minutes away from my old house, and that house was about 15-20 minutes away from our old church, we decided to find a new church rather than go to one that is up to 45 minutes away. we like to be involved, and that's not really possible when we live so far away.

here, i'll document our journey to finding a new church. hopefully this is a short series...

take one: first baptist dallas. dude. it has a neon sign.

  • it's not a small church. i don't like teeny tiny churches because i feel it's harder to get plugged in.
  • downtown dallas. we both love downtown, and it'd be cool to go to a church right in downtown!
  • it has two types of service: two traditional and one contemporary service. we went to the contemporary service.
  • liked the music.
  • i liked the pastor's message. i liked that we got to hear the lead pastor speak. i did not like his voice (see "dislikes").
  • parking was easy for being downtown, since it's right across from a parking garage.
  • they seemed to have a lot of options for sunday school classes. just about 9 even for newlyweds!
  • people dressed nice. i think i saw only four ladies total that did not have on a skirt or a dress.

  • when we got there, the parking guy misunderstood our question of "is there additional guest parking?" (since they were blocked with cones) and instead, led us to the "regular" parking. ok, it's a small thing, but it bothered me.
  • it's a rich church. you can totally tell. i mean, rich people go there, and they give all their money to the church. so it's got a "rich" attitude.
  • i didn't like the pastor's voice for the first minute he was talking. then i realized his message was good enough that i didn't notice his voice.
  • there were plants on stage (this is one of chris' dislikes)

so, even though there ended up being more "likes" than "dislikes" at this church, i don't think it's our church. neither of us stepped in and had this feel like home at all. i felt like i did when i was at prestonwood. i can't explain it, and i don't know that chris could either. it just wasn't supposed to be our church. but there's more to try, and we're positive we'll find ours.


  1. I like that you are sharing this process with us. It's very interesting to me, and might give me some thing to think about myself. :)

  2. You really do need to attend twice, just to make sure. At least, that's what they said on Stuff Christians Like the other day. :)


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