Sunday, August 22, 2010

the search for a church - Reunion Church

In our continued search of the "perfect for us" church, the next stop was Reunion Church in Dallas.

the lead pastor was a featured issue of i am second (and you know how i love i am second):

i'm used to churches that are filled with rich white people. that does not mean that i'm entirely comfortable there. it just means that's what i'm used to.

  • the pastor had a great message. i really liked his style.
  • the singers. one was a black businesswoman, one was a soccer mom, and one was a guy that i expected to give jazz hands at any moment.
  • the songs. you know those songs that bring tears to your eyes, because they're so intense and hit you where it hurts? all of theirs were like that.

  • it was a smaller church. and when i say small, i mean, maybe 75 people there?
  • i didn't know lots of the songs they sang. familiar songs help me in my comfort zone.
  • the church time was 10:40. not 10. not 11. 10:40.
  • service took over an hour and a half.
  • the service appeared to me to be disorganized. not a big deal to most people, but i like organization.
  • the pastor came close to tears 6 times. sure, he's emotional and intense. but it was a bit much for me.
if you remember with FBC Dallas, there were more likes than dislikes, but it was vetoed. well, with this one, there's more dislikes than likes, but i didn't mind it as much as it may seem. of course, chris and i had a little... "intense discussion"... after this service. we didn't see eye to eye.

but there's more to try. next week i think we're going to the village. we're looking forward to that one the most.

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  1. I think this is such a personal thing that when its right, you won't even have to make the list. It will just click. Good luck.


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