Friday, August 27, 2010


for a few days now, i've been wondering why my shampoo and conditioner haven't been working right. I use my shampoo first, and it doesn't lather up right. it just feels kind of slimy. no fun. then i must not rinse my hair out right before using the conditioner, because the conditioner foams up too much.

would it have taken you four days of showering to figure this out?
cause that's what it took me.

My shampoo is always on the left. because i use it first. my conditioner is always on the right. cause i use it second.


yeah. took me three days too long to get to the bottom of this issue.
but i wear contacts, so i take them out to shower! don't blame me.
i probably returned them to the shower backwards after i cleaned sometime.


  1. I promise I didn't switch them!!!

  2. Uh, happens to all of us sooner or later....

  3. Bahahaha!! So something I would do. I'm glad you got that take care of. ;-)


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