Thursday, September 9, 2010

dallas tornadoes?

yep. there were tornadoes all over the metroplex yesterday. chris and i were hearing some emergency interruptions on the radio on our way home, but it was for a tornado that was some miles away from us, and not heading towards us. so we got home, he changed, i started cooking dinner (beef stir fry!), then we got a call from a friend over on the fort worth side, telling us one was supposed to be in our neighborhood-- so we turned the tv on, and found out, sure enough, there was one just down the road on mockingbird. woah! and it did that thing where the rain is pouring down, then it just sorta stops... you been in a tornado, you know what i'm talking about. luckily, it passed just to the east of us, but it did some damage in the area. that's the only thing on the news today. that and the incredible flooding. because apparently we doubled our record rainfall for one day-- we got 8"!

anyways, here's a good shot of the tornado near our place, when it was by my work.


  1. I am actually supremely jealous. I'm a severe weather junkie and like to stand on my deck in thunderstorms to see whats coming. That being said, I'm glad you are safe.

  2. That was one wicked looking cloud. Fascinating!!!


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