Saturday, September 18, 2010

dollar store grapevine wreath

i've been in the mood lately to start getting into fall. meaning, i want spiced teas, cool weather, crock-pot meals, and apple/cinnamon scented candles.

i also want my house decorated like fall.
well, since i'm not quite to the house-decorating part yet, i thought i'd try to start that today.

i altered a dollar store fall wreath and a grapevine wreath and came up with my own dollar store grapevine wreath :-)

everything you see came from the dollar store. as in, the everything-costs-a-dollar dollar store. not that fake dollar store that has items for $10. i bought two bags of leaves, a plain grapevine wreath, fall garland, and a wreath hanger (long-term investment there, folks. for A DOLLAR). i already had the hot glue gun, glue, and flower wire. But i actually only used less than one bag of leaves, so you could say that this wreath only cost $4 to make. yay for cheap.

i started by simply wrapping the garland around the wreath. i used the flower wire to hold it in place and to keep it tighter in some areas.

then i started filling in the blank parts with the loose leaves. they weren't nearly as nice as the ones in the dollar store wreath blog, but they did fine. besides, who's going to come peer in really close and examine my work?

be very careful working with hot glue. if you get a giant dab on you, it is not like touching a hot iron. the heat stays with you. and melds itself into your skin and under your fingernail. then you end up with a giant blister on the tip of your finger and it's hard to type the instructional blog. fyi.

aaaannnnddd... here's the final product. taaa-daaa!! i love the color that this brings to our front door! can't wait for the rest of the decorating-- we're going to carve pumpkins and set them on tables out front. you'll be the first to see the finished results!

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  1. Super duper awesome wreath Erin!! I want to make one but there isn't a dollar tree or Buck's around here anywhere. I refuse to spend a bunch of money on this type of thing.


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