Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i'm proud of my husband

i love my husband.

i've wanted some more organization in my bathroom for some time. i had one of those corner organizers in my house in arkansas, but it didn't fit in the first house i was in here, so i'm pretty sure i got rid of it. but i love to have things on the shelves instead of just sitting on the edge of our (garden!!) tub.

so i picked up one of these organizers for pretty cheap from walmart this weekend. it didn't take him long to jump up and put this together for me, even putting things on the shelves in what looks like a nice arrangement for us!

what a good guy. i love when he puts things together for me.

did i tell you he also put together our bedside tables for our bedroom? he's my rockstar.


  1. Aaah. Organization and a husband to do it for you. Its wonderful, isn't it.

  2. You're sweet hun! If I did a blog about all the great things you do for me, I'd run out of room to type! You're the best wife ever. :)


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