Friday, September 24, 2010

ooohhh... scary.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I'll share with you some of the things that frighten me more than anything. ps does anyone still remember that elementary song when they spell halloween?
H- A- double L- O- W- double E- N spells halloween!


in no particular order:
  • spiders. actually, all things creepy-crawly. i will call chris from across the apartment so he can come kill something for me. i don't care if it's the size of a pin head, or a darn tarantula. they're all the same to me.
  • babies. i'm terrified to have a kid. there, i've said it. i can't wait to get pregnant, but i'm so scared that i'm going to screw it up and end up with a felon, or a bully, or a kid who doesn't want to go to church. or that i'll be a bad mom and they'll never want to hang out with me. or that i'll get depressed because i just. don't. know. what. to. do.
  • carpet stains. i'm so nervous when someone has something red over our carpet. and it's not even mine. it's an apartment. but i take pride in what is in my possession (even if i don't own it).
  • the refrigerator breaking. all that wasted food would be such a shame. and i work so hard to fill it with good, homemade things, that i just might cry over that.
  • being audited by the IRS. i don't know why. i don't do anything wrong on my taxes. heck, i don't even deduct anything, really. so i don't know why it scares me. maybe because the IRS is "the man" and you never want the man to be over you. i guess.
that'll do for now. i know i'm jumping the gun on this whole "fall" and "halloween" thing, but i do believe fall is my favorite season, and now that it's officially here, expect more fall-ish posts from me.


  1. Don't be scared of babies. Seriously, some of the DUMBEST people have babies who turn out to be perfectly good citizens. And you are smart, so you have a leg up on those folks. :) It's all pretty much instinct anyway. I have no idea what I'm doing, but somehow, it works. Plus, I do a crap ton of research online about stuff. and I know you're like me in that regard.

    P.S. Pregnancy is WAY worse than actually having the baby present with you. Despite what some people will tell you. I had people tell me I'd be wishing I was pregnant again once the baby comes. Um, nope. Not one time would I rather re-live that era.

  2. I sing the elementary school Halloween song more than I should probably admit. :)

    I was scared to have a baby, too, but it has actually been okay! I love being a mom! Never knew if I'd be able to say that.

    I think we are a lot alike - I even have RA! Found you through Leann. Not sure why I'm just now commenting if I haven't before, because I love keeping up with you on your blog. I don't really maintain mine anymore, which is sad because I liked being able to look back and see what had happened over the years.

  3. it's lovely to meet you, jennie! please keep coming back, and i hope to see you in the comments more often :-)

  4. The only thing you should be scared of in relation to having a baby, is leaving me to dress it. Lol. :)

    But somehow, I doubt we'll have a "shorts and flip flops" kid...

  5. Babies are like anything else, you have good days and bad days. You do the best you can with the knowledge you have and learn more every day. You'll do great.

    P.S. I actually liked being pregnant, I wouldn't mind doing it one more time...


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