Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st

say it with me now:

doesn't it sound good? cooler than august? maybe a little breezy? with a hint of orange? i can't think of september without thinking of fall.

i sure hope this year's september holds up to all i have in mind for her:
* fun with husband
* roasting hatch chilies
* healthy eating
* experimenting with squash
* working hard at school
* back to the gym
* a camping trip


  1. Woot! Camping! I wish we could go but doubt we'll be able to with MK's new job. Lame. I don't know what hatch chilies are. But I want some chili.

  2. What is a hatch chili and I love squash. My kids love squash. We eat tons of it. Squash and sausage is my fall go to meal. Ooo, with baked apples. Now I'm all excited too.

  3. I don't share everyone's enthusiasm for squash but I will share with you in September healthy eating and September back-to-the-gym time. :-)

  4. MMMM hatch chile. I am having family stock up so i can bring some home in november.

    And I agree, I love september, fall. I love October even more.

  5. I hope you are correct in the cooler weather. I'd really like to get outside with LMW for a change. I love fall too. I'm ready for all those beautiful autumn colors.


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