Wednesday, September 29, 2010


in honor of thanksgiving-- wait, what?-- i'm making a post of things i'm thankful for.
ok. maybe just in honor of recent personal events.
(i know i make lists a lot. blame the organizer in me.)

  • having friends who know how to work on cars.
  • long, hard work nights-- because they mean bigger-than-expected paychecks. much bigger.
  • unexpected blessings. and a god who provides.
  • the ability to purchase christmas gifts for family.
  • organization. (see?)
  • friends and their babies.
  • fresh mint.

enjoy your wednesday, everyone.

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  1. Thanksgiving happens every day. Or it should. I've been jumping into holidays early lately too. Have at it.
    I'm thankful today that I get to spend the weekend with some of my cousins on vacay for my brother's wedding. I'm thankful that I get my 2 oldest kids alone with some focus time on just them without the younger two.

    Great post!


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