Thursday, September 2, 2010

what is hatch chili?

i realized how spoiled i am when the first two comments on my last post questioned hatch chilies.


back this train up.

let me tell you, my dear friends...

Hatch is a town in new mexico. hatch green chilis are grown in Dona Ana county- known as the chili capital of the world. chili season is during the end of august and beginning of september, and is a delight to your senses. see, hatch green chilis are not raised for heat. sure, they're fairly spicy if you're not used to eating any heat, but more than that-- the flavor. oh, the flavor. they are perfect for green chili chicken enchiladas. nothing better tops a burger than roasted hatch green chilies. delicious when making green chili stew.

shoot. now i'm craving them.

in any case, last season i taught my uncle how to roast them. to do so, you pick up a ton of chilies. and trust me, you'll want a bunch; they freeze well, and you'll be sad if you run out of them by february, depression might set in. it's that bad.
anyways. back to how to make them.
turn the grill on about medium. roast the chilies, turning every few minutes, until most of their skin is black. slow roasted is best, to get the best flavor on the inside. take them off the fire and place on a cookie sheet, then transfer (while still warm) to a plastic bag for a while. it helps steam them together in there.
while wearing plastic gloves (take my word on this one), take the chilies out of the bag, peel them, remove seeds (leave the seeds for heat), and chop them up. or slice them. i prefer them diced because you can use them in more recipes this way. package in small freezer bags and store in the freezer until use! unfortunately, these really don't last more than a couple months. it's like girl scout cookies-- every year you say that you'll make them last over the whole year, and every year they're gone in a month.


  1. Now, where do I find these hatch chilies you speak of? I think I might have to Froogle shop today. Can you internet order your chilies?

  2. Thanks a lot! Now I'm craving them. I might just have to get some this year. You mentioned Green Chili stew... I have been trying to find a good recipe for ever. Nothing beats Golden Prides in Albuquerque. MMMmmmmmmm....... If you have a good recipe you should post it. Joe will thank you for it! :-)


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