Wednesday, October 6, 2010

first, thanks thanks thanks to megan over at thoughts of an oxymoron for the shoutout on her blog recently. she's super fun, and if you haven't seen her blog yet, do it. it's waaay more random than mine is, but she's always got something to say. i'd love to take her to happy hour some day. i'm going to copy her blog and do the 10-and-10. mainly because i'm home sick and don't want to do anything else just yet.

note: my things i like are going to be circumstantial. and seeing as under my current circumstances, i am drugged on super-antibiotics and hot tea, you see where i'm coming from.

Ten Things I Like
1. hot tea. even in the summer. great way to start or end the day.

2. pittsburgh. the city. the people. the weather. the food.

3. cool breezes and fall colors.

4. coffee. hot, steaming, black coffee. afternoons, it's iced with a spoon of sugar.

5. homemade things. food. quilts. decorations.

6. curling up with a warm blanket while reading better homes and gardens.

7. boots no. 7 mascara and cuticle oil. available at your neighborhood target.

8. carving pumpkins. i can't wait to do it this week with husband. we already bought our pumpkins, now we just need them to take shape!

9. road trips with crochet hooks and plenty of yarn.

10. having a close group of friends/family. the people you can count on-- and not just when they need something.

And now for the 10 Props to your blog.  You should follow these too. And you should follow me. *shameless self promotion* Sorry. ;-)

we three kings - because she's my best friend in real life, too.
thoughts of an oxymoron - because duh, see my first paragraph in this post.
domestic daredevils - because it's full of fun recipes and kitchen tips. oh, and i write there, too. but erica and i are fun to read! i promise!
busy bee lauren - i'm sure you're already reading there. sorry. but as much as i don't want to like it, i come back to this blog every day.
happy young wife - because she is a positive blogger.
simple bliss... - because she posts about everything from her job, to her husband, to being a good wife, to crafts, to cooking... kinda like me.
the mind of a mama - because i know her in real life, too. and she's a fun blogger. and she just had her birthday.
b-lines - because she posts baby win updates. and crafts. i have a thing for crafts.
i believe in unicorns - i recently found this blog and it ends up being tons of fun! she's positive, like me. yay.

wait. that's only 9 blogs. well, it's better than posting an extra one just to waste your time. i follow way more blogs that this. just check out my blogger profile to see what i follow. follow them.


now it's your turn.