Sunday, October 17, 2010

have you seen this man? and other stories.

every time he comes on tv, chris asks me who this man is.

(not my photo, obviously)
 the first time, i said i didn't know.
the second time, i thought he was a reporter. because he was on the news.
but i really thought he was the guy from "curb your enthusiasm"-- just because i've seen him on billboards. or like joel osteen will look, in 20 years.

dude, i voted for the president, not the vice president. i don't know who the vp is. why should i?
(as ignorant as that sounds, i should let you know i'm not very political. at all. but really. it's just the vp. not the president. i know who the president is.)

**insert thought break here**

and now, so that you don't think i'm the lamest person in this house, i'd like to share with you another story from this morning.

chris: do you think that whales are like, the last of the swimming dinosaurs?
me: no, they're mammals.
chris: but dinosaurs were mammals.
me: ummm... no. they were reptiles.
chris: i know that the carnivores were reptiles, but the big ones, the ones that cared for their babies, those were mammals.
me: .....
chris: stop smiling at me!


  1. Oh. my. Lord in heaven.

    Really, you're missing out by not knowing who the VP is. He's a blubbering idiot who often gets filmed using the f-word. For serious. He's constantly putting his foot in his mouth. See this video of an SNL parody of him: Pretty much spot on! Haha.

  2. Or this one!

    Scary thing is, if something happens to the president, this guy will be our leader. Yikes! You really need to know these things...


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