Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i'm being crafty again

i love being crafty. i also love projects that allow for quick results. i don't like waiting months to see what my project will be like. wait, that's my fault for taking so long on the quilt-- wow. that was a post in february. ouch. gotta finish that.

anyways, although i'm so far behind, i have great intentions. i just don't have any time. but when i do have time, i make it count. freezer cooking days, small craft projects. like i said. quick results.

i really need an exacto knife. this was dangerous.

so yesterday i made some halloween decorations! isn't this fun?

it was pretty easy. cut the words out of cardboard. paint black. decorate with orange polka dots and glitter. make your own bows and hang using halloween ribbon.

instant gratification, and a fun decoration for october. i think i'll make one for christmas, too! maybe thanksgiving... you could do this for any holiday!


  1. Well, isn't that the cutest, simplest thing I've seen in a long time. You go girl!

  2. CUTE! I'm going to make one now.:-)


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