Friday, October 8, 2010

sick... week??

i've been sick all week. hopefully today's the last of it. 

Monday: stayed home sick, feeling "crummy"
Tuesday: attempted to go to work. left after three hours, to the doctor. diagnosed with strep and a sinus infection.
Wednesday: stayed home, doctor's orders, because i was still contagious.
Thursday: felt ok in the morning, went to work, started to feel miserable, was sent home by my boss.
Friday: stayed home. i didn't want to risk another thursday.

i'm sick of soup. and of not getting prettied up. and of antibiotics. but i know i'm sick and need to stay home and rest, because i have a horrible immune system. being sick this week also means i haven't been a big contributor to the domestic daredevils. i hope that changes next week, as i've got a lot of meals planned that i want to make-- husband's been a huge help this week, getting dinner ready and cleaning the house. i feel like a lazy rock though, because i haven't had the energy to do anything productive! i hope that my energy picks up, because it appears we have *big plans* this weekend. stay tuned for a possible blog post about that :-)

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  1. I sure hope you begin feeling better, and you are able to participate in your "big plans" Erin.

    Love to you.


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