Friday, October 1, 2010

what? no more food?

that's right. if you've been paying attention, which you may not-- i don't know who reads this (or doesn't, for that matter)-- this blog has turned to food. it's not a food blog. it's my blog. it's just happened to switch gears over the past few... months? so i have a new project. but it's not just mine! i have a joint blog with a friend of mine over at domestic daredevils. it's just in the beginning stages (as in, started last night), but will totally be worth the read. erica is phenomenally fun, and she's an entertaining writer. and her dishes are more exotic than mine are, generally.

but we both love food, and fun, and sharing. so you benefit. recipes, tips, tricks-- it's worth the follow. so, follow us over there! even if you never read it. it'll make us feel good to see a bunch of followers :-)

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