Thursday, October 14, 2010

you're only as old as you feel.

isn't that how the saying goes? well, husband and i have made a conscious decision to live a life that reflects how old we are, rather than how old we feel. because man, we feel 50! here's some examples of how lame we are:
  1. we go to bed at 9. seriously. sleeping by 9:30. every night.
  2. we have friday date "nights" at 5:30pm. we even beat the senior citizens to the restaurants.
  3. i don't remember the last time we went out with friends, because everyone wants to go out later than us.

so, we are going to change this. not because it's bad that we live this way, but because we both seriously feel lazy and really bad by living our current lame lifestyle. and not because of the way we're perceived by others. really, we feel bad about ourselves. lazy was the best description. after 9+ hours of sleep, i don't feel like i got enough. so, changes are in effect.

first goal:
stay awake until 10pm for one week.
second goal:
stay awake until 11pm for one week.
third goal:
be those cool people who can hang out with those cool people who stay out late.

we started this with a couple of "motivators". if we get tired and feel like we have to go to sleep before the appointed time, we will do something. go somewhere. do chores. go for a walk. i like to stay busy anyways, so it's not a bad thing for me. heck, maybe i'll start going to the gym in the evening.

so, last night, i cooked dinner. after dinner, i did homework. then, well, i don't remember what i did. i think homework took a while. i know i read two victoria's secret magazines (why on earth do i get three a week! save some trees, VS, and just email me!). and, last night, chris sanded, painted, and installed a shelf above the desk in the kitchen, so that the desk can just hold the computer and my homework, and the shelf can hold office supplies and cookbooks. it looks so much more organized now, and i'm so happy that he got that completed (i'll blog about that later. this is already my second blog post of the day.).

tonight, i teach. BUT, it's a short class, which means that i will still have energy afterwards. i'm going to stop by the grocery store for milk and butter. because, dude. i am out of butter. what? i love the kitchen! how could i have ran out of butter?! anyways, i'm making pie crusts. really, just that. pie crusts. i plan on baking pies this weekend, and hannah sent me a pie crow with recipes for pie crust as a wedding gift-- so i know how to make delicious pie crust and freeze them until i need them.

ANYways... back to the point of this post. husband and i are done being old. we are done going to bed before the 9:00 news comes on (related, i watched the news last night. it was fun!). and, last night we succeeded in following our new rules. we actually stayed up WAY later than 10- we didn't go to bed until around 11! aaaannnnndddd.... when we woke up this morning, we felt plenty refreshed.

we can do this.


  1. You can come to TS chat. I'll keep you awake until all hours of the night!

  2. Sometimes too much sleep will make you feel as bad as too little. You two sound like me and the old man. Shake a leg girly! Have some fun.


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