Tuesday, November 30, 2010

like a box of chocolates.

i am 77% happy
i am 23% stressed

i am 64% homemaker and wife
i am 10% student
i am 26% employee

i am 50% creative
i am 50% bookworm

i am 82% productive
i am 18% wii super mario bros champion

i am 89% foodie
i am 11% junk foodie

i am 63% calm, cool, and collected
i am 29% drama

i am 50% straightforward
i am 50% sarcastic

i am 97% good at math
i am 3% errors-on-purpose

it's a crap shoot.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

what do you mean, it's not socially acceptable?

this morning, chris and i woke up before the alarm to get ready for church. we had toast and coffee. we showered and got ready. we watched some of the sunday Today Show. we drove to church. we got out of the car.

then i said, "chris, i'm wearing a slipper."

it's true. i wore a slipper to church. let me explain a little. i only wore one, because my other leg is still in a cast. and our church is pretty casual, so i was wearing jeans and a sweater. and the house is cold, so i was wearing the slipper around in the morning. and the slipper has a hard sole and looks like a fur-lined mule or something.

it's a darn good thing i wasn't wearing bunny slippers or something.

Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving long weekend

what a lovely weekend! chris and i made our own traditions and had such a fantastic two days off work. and there's still two more to go! we watched the parade, we went out to eat at denny's, we decorated for christmas, and we went to the movies (if you're interested, due date was hilarious).

The Parade. it's a must.

aren't you supposed to drink beer on thanksgiving?

he had coffee during dinner.

my thanksgiving dinner. chicken strips, rice, stuffing.

and his dinner. chicken fried steak.

then, we decorated for christmas. it made me so happy.
so, how was your thanksgiving? i know i'm a little late in asking you, since it's already a day later. forgive my lack of internetness. it's the holiday!
tomorrow we get to pick up a new-to-us couch. can't wait! we'll also host some of our church group on sunday for a game/snack afternoon. awesome.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful, part 4

today, i'm thankful to be spending my first thanksgiving with my husband, since i was out of the country for our last one.
i'm thankful for the option to go out to eat and make our own traditions, because we're family now, and that's what families do.
i'm thankful for long weekends and four days off work and cinnamon rolls and christmas decorations and the macy's parade.
i'm thankful for no plans (except for picking up a free couch and doing homework).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thankful, part 3

today, i'm thankful for a loving, supportive husband. one that takes me to doctor's appointments and cooks steak on the grill when it's dark outside. one that is willing to do the dishes and vacuum the house. someone who thinks i'm beautiful, even when i feel frumpy. someone who does everything he can to provide for me and care for me and be the man of our house. someone who leads me spiritually, even if it's not in ways i'm used to.

and, related, i'm thankful for my entire family-- even the extended family and in-laws!-- and the support and love that they provide daily.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thankful, part 2

i'm back with more thanks!

i'm thankful for crockpots. and food. and steaks with asparagus on a monday evening. i'm thankful that cooking is an escape for me, and that i finally learned how to cook without always relying on my mom or a cook book.

i'm thankful that god has provided us with more than enough food to fulfill our needs, and with a home that has all the means to cook those foodstuffs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

thankful, part 1

Many people have been doing the "thankful" posts for all of november. i didn't have the urge to do so until this week-- the week of thanksgiving.

so, from now until, well, thursday (?) i'll be posting some things i'm thankful. that should give you something to look forward to this week, right? right.

today, i'm thankful for pharmaceuticals and for healthcare. for the ability to pay copays and for smart doctors and x-rays. i'm thankful for my husband's birthday this weekend, and the fun that we had and the blessings we experienced. i'm thankful to live in a country where i can freely practice my religion and the holidays that come with it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

my husband's birthday weekend

images from this weekend:

i had such a great birthday weekend, and it wasn't even MY birthday! it was chris' birthday, and he decided we would go to grapevine, and it was awesome. i felt like we were in another state. and the weather was perfect for walking outside. we ate at an awesome deli called weinberger's. we went in and out of almost every shop. one of the best ones was this where you got to taste all sorts of olive oils and balsamic vinaigrettes. then we went to the mall to waste time and to get a beverage. then we went out to dinner at chili's. then we went to target to just a few things. that's it!

trip to tyler, etc

(i just realized this was still in my drafts folder. i hope it's still entertaining to you!)

chris and i recently took a spontaneous (*gasp*) trip to tyler, tx.

i don't do spontaneous. i plan out my day. starting from when i wake up until i go to bed. if there's a change in plans, i get upset. then i rearrange my plans. i don't ever "just go", or fly by the seat of my pants. i love calendars. i love planning.

we just... went.

there was talk about taking a 7 hour trip to go get me some yarn, but we turned down that offer (i turned it down. god bless my husband, who was all about taking a road trip to get YARN) in order to go somewhere closer. we headed towards tyler, not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into. we don't know what there is to do. but... we have iphones. so it doesn't matter.

we stopped in town and found a sort of welcoming committee. she loaded us up with flyers and brochures of all sorts to pick what to do.
sidenote: do you know that tyler, tx, is the rose capital of... something? the US? of TX?
we had lunch at a nice little place called "the egg and i", and i asked before we even sat down if they served things other than just eggs. they did. i had a delicious ruben with taco soup, and chris had a sandwich and salad.

we found a nice little shopping plaza and window shopped in places that had too-expensive bath products, too-expensive kitchen products (although, i did get cheesecloth), and too-expensive men's shirts. we found a wall plaque that said "i found the one i love" from song of soloman. it's special to us, so it'll be hung near our wedding photo.

this is *not* the sign.

we had fun at the halloween store, looking at all sorts of costumes. they had quite the *selection*.

then we went to a really really really old house. antique. and it has lots of the original stuff still in the house, clothes even! that was fun. we started to go to this rose garden outside near it, but it was just too darn hot. so we headed home.

and by "home", i mean to dairy queen. duh.

then we hit the terrell outlet stores on the way home. love my husband. he let me buy some clothes, and helped me pick them out. he's really good at telling me what looks good on me, and what makes me look frumpy.

then, just because i hadn't been yet, and we were doing this whole day without plans, we went to the galleria. can you believe i hadn't been?? we had tons of fun. and again, he let me buy clothes. there was HUGE sales going on at macy's, because they were moving or remodeling or something. and there was still back-to-school style sales at old navy. so yay, i got some more work clothes.

what a phenomenal day. but don't tell my husband i liked it so much, or else he'll always want me to do things unplanned!! *gasp!*

Friday, November 19, 2010

some happenings

i'm currently staring at a two-foot high stack of folders that i need to go through. no exaggeration. two feet. maybe two and a half. i'm not looking forward to that.

i had yet another mini breakdown this week. i for serious can't wait until school and teaching is over for this semester. i am going to enjoy this holiday season so much. i am going to bake and relax and decorate and wrap gifts. i can't wait.

tomorrow is husband's birthday. we have planned a late movie tonight so that we can stay awake until midnight because i CAN'T WAIT to give him his presents tomorrow. i'm more excited about his birthday than he is.

honest, there's more. but i'm too busy and distracted to blog more.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

to do

1. prepare midterm for ALAT class at work
2. prepare final exam for college course
3. week 5 homework
4. week 5 discussions
5. outline for research paper
6. begin making sugar cookie dough for christmas presents
7. find the missing hat-in-progress, finish it
8. wrap birthday gifts
9. begin to find sources for research paper
10. spend quality time with husband

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Proverbs 31:13

P31:13: "She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands"

not a lot to say really, today. first, I'll give you the synopsis from the study bible:

She is skilled in working with textiles to provide for the clothing needs of her household

now, i think that's a sort of dated explanation of that verse. we had a good talk tonight about the culture of the bible, and how, yes, there are certain things that we can... alter (?)... based on our culture now.

so MY interpretation of this verse includes the following:
the proverbs 31 woman is not wasteful. she is resourceful with the items she has.
she does not spend or acquire frivolously. have you seen hoarders?

additionally, look at the part, "works with willing hands"-- willing hands. she does this all with a smile on her face. she doesn't do the dishes while smirking at her husband and sarcastically thanking him for his help. she is not bitter about making the bed. she does all of this because it makes her feel fulfilled to provide this for her family.

sidenote: the proverbs 31 woman does not have to be married. a single woman could do all of this. so when i mention family or husband, its more about attitude than who it's directed towards. as a single person, living along, there were nights when i bitterly did the dishes. when i wished that i had someone there to help me with the lawn work, instead of feeling thankful that i had the ability to do it myself, and gracious for the home with a yard that god provided. so it's all attitude. this applies to all of these posts i'm working on, not just this one.

Friday, November 12, 2010

i'm ready for christmas music

that title has nothing to do with my blog. it's just that i recently added all of my holiday music back to my iphone in anticipation of the upcoming holiday music, and i've been itching to play it-- but i won't until thanksgiving week. one holiday at a time, right?

anyways, i keep forgetting to tell you about some really great things!

so, here goes.

if you think your blog reader is getting a little sparse (i don't know about you, but some of my posters haven't been on here as often), i've got something for you.
megan over at thoughts of an oxymoron (pending possible title change) is a great read. bonus: she posts all the time. which keeps me company when i'm really bored. also, she's generally a great person. and, similar to my blog, hers is about something different every time. keeps you on your toes, i feel. go check it out.

related, i've been posting a lot over at the cooking blog. that's why i've been gone so much lately. so i've had a lot of things going on, you see, i just haven't been around here. i'm still busy with school, and with my second job. but thanksgiving week is coming, which means that i get a break from the class i'm teaching. i'll still be writing a term paper that week, but a little break is better than none.

so happy

i'm happy:

it's friday
i got another 100% on my homework assignment this week
it's supposed to rain
it's getting colder starting tonight! fall's here!
there's only one week until my husband's birthday
many many plans are happening soon. holidays and vacations.
i've been reading my bible more, thanks to Leann
the pumpkin cheesecake was a success

i, erin slay, solemnly promise to write at least one more installment of my proverbs 31 project this weekend. stay tuned.

Monday, November 8, 2010

falling behind, and other items

i haven't blogged in a while. i haven't had time! i've been busy cooking and feeling sorry for myself.
but i had a good weekend so i thought i'd tell you about it.
well, not about my whole weekend, because i don't have the energy to talk (write?) that much.

but i will tell you about our big purchase.
i wish i had a "before" picture, but i don't. imagine the bookshelf gone, and our old table was like a light wood, pine maybe, almost butcher block, and it was big and round. awkward for the space.

so we bought a new one! we got it as the floor model at an outlet store, so we scored a KILLER deal on it. then we moved the bookshelf into this area for more kitchen storage (extra food storage and for appliances) so i don't have to dig through the back of the cabinets.

like it? we also have the 20th anniversary trivial pursuit out. we're playing games through the holidays. a little here, a little there. after this we're putting out scrabble. i love it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

happy november!

hello! lemme tell you, i'm sure ready for november :-)
i know, i know. i think i say that for every month. but really. i am more excited about this month than i've been for any in a while. well, until december comes. that's gotta be my favorite month.


so let's get back to november. here's what i'm looking most forward to.

cooler weather.
unpacking my sweaters.
baking, baking, baking.
finishing christmas shopping.
decorating for christmas!
trying spaghetti squash for the first time.
finishing the hat for win.
**edited to add:
husband's birthday
more of the proverbs project