Tuesday, November 30, 2010

like a box of chocolates.

i am 77% happy
i am 23% stressed

i am 64% homemaker and wife
i am 10% student
i am 26% employee

i am 50% creative
i am 50% bookworm

i am 82% productive
i am 18% wii super mario bros champion

i am 89% foodie
i am 11% junk foodie

i am 63% calm, cool, and collected
i am 29% drama

i am 50% straightforward
i am 50% sarcastic

i am 97% good at math
i am 3% errors-on-purpose

it's a crap shoot.


  1. This makes you very well balanced. Which I also think about chocolate. Its good for you!

  2. Okay...here's how weird and OCD I am when it comes to math...If you're 63% calm, cool, and collected and 29% drama, what are you the other 8% of the time in this scenario?

    Don't ever think I don't keep up on your blog...even if I have to catch up on a bunch of posts every month or two!!!


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