Friday, November 19, 2010

some happenings

i'm currently staring at a two-foot high stack of folders that i need to go through. no exaggeration. two feet. maybe two and a half. i'm not looking forward to that.

i had yet another mini breakdown this week. i for serious can't wait until school and teaching is over for this semester. i am going to enjoy this holiday season so much. i am going to bake and relax and decorate and wrap gifts. i can't wait.

tomorrow is husband's birthday. we have planned a late movie tonight so that we can stay awake until midnight because i CAN'T WAIT to give him his presents tomorrow. i'm more excited about his birthday than he is.

honest, there's more. but i'm too busy and distracted to blog more.

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  1. Hope you're able to shrink that pile down without too much trouble. Sorry you had a crappy week...seems to be the norm around here. Take heart, this semester is almost over!


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