Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving long weekend

what a lovely weekend! chris and i made our own traditions and had such a fantastic two days off work. and there's still two more to go! we watched the parade, we went out to eat at denny's, we decorated for christmas, and we went to the movies (if you're interested, due date was hilarious).

The Parade. it's a must.

aren't you supposed to drink beer on thanksgiving?

he had coffee during dinner.

my thanksgiving dinner. chicken strips, rice, stuffing.

and his dinner. chicken fried steak.

then, we decorated for christmas. it made me so happy.
so, how was your thanksgiving? i know i'm a little late in asking you, since it's already a day later. forgive my lack of internetness. it's the holiday!
tomorrow we get to pick up a new-to-us couch. can't wait! we'll also host some of our church group on sunday for a game/snack afternoon. awesome.

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  1. Our Thanksgiving was great. We slept in until 10, then we watched Scooby-Doo. I forgot about the parade and the dog show! I made apple crisp, and we went to the in-laws. We played board games and ate WAY too much food. It was awesome. :-)


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