Saturday, November 20, 2010

trip to tyler, etc

(i just realized this was still in my drafts folder. i hope it's still entertaining to you!)

chris and i recently took a spontaneous (*gasp*) trip to tyler, tx.

i don't do spontaneous. i plan out my day. starting from when i wake up until i go to bed. if there's a change in plans, i get upset. then i rearrange my plans. i don't ever "just go", or fly by the seat of my pants. i love calendars. i love planning.

we just... went.

there was talk about taking a 7 hour trip to go get me some yarn, but we turned down that offer (i turned it down. god bless my husband, who was all about taking a road trip to get YARN) in order to go somewhere closer. we headed towards tyler, not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into. we don't know what there is to do. but... we have iphones. so it doesn't matter.

we stopped in town and found a sort of welcoming committee. she loaded us up with flyers and brochures of all sorts to pick what to do.
sidenote: do you know that tyler, tx, is the rose capital of... something? the US? of TX?
we had lunch at a nice little place called "the egg and i", and i asked before we even sat down if they served things other than just eggs. they did. i had a delicious ruben with taco soup, and chris had a sandwich and salad.

we found a nice little shopping plaza and window shopped in places that had too-expensive bath products, too-expensive kitchen products (although, i did get cheesecloth), and too-expensive men's shirts. we found a wall plaque that said "i found the one i love" from song of soloman. it's special to us, so it'll be hung near our wedding photo.

this is *not* the sign.

we had fun at the halloween store, looking at all sorts of costumes. they had quite the *selection*.

then we went to a really really really old house. antique. and it has lots of the original stuff still in the house, clothes even! that was fun. we started to go to this rose garden outside near it, but it was just too darn hot. so we headed home.

and by "home", i mean to dairy queen. duh.

then we hit the terrell outlet stores on the way home. love my husband. he let me buy some clothes, and helped me pick them out. he's really good at telling me what looks good on me, and what makes me look frumpy.

then, just because i hadn't been yet, and we were doing this whole day without plans, we went to the galleria. can you believe i hadn't been?? we had tons of fun. and again, he let me buy clothes. there was HUGE sales going on at macy's, because they were moving or remodeling or something. and there was still back-to-school style sales at old navy. so yay, i got some more work clothes.

what a phenomenal day. but don't tell my husband i liked it so much, or else he'll always want me to do things unplanned!! *gasp!*

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