Sunday, November 28, 2010

what do you mean, it's not socially acceptable?

this morning, chris and i woke up before the alarm to get ready for church. we had toast and coffee. we showered and got ready. we watched some of the sunday Today Show. we drove to church. we got out of the car.

then i said, "chris, i'm wearing a slipper."

it's true. i wore a slipper to church. let me explain a little. i only wore one, because my other leg is still in a cast. and our church is pretty casual, so i was wearing jeans and a sweater. and the house is cold, so i was wearing the slipper around in the morning. and the slipper has a hard sole and looks like a fur-lined mule or something.

it's a darn good thing i wasn't wearing bunny slippers or something.


  1. <3 This totally sounds like something I would do!

  2. THAT IS SO FUNNY because I almost left the house to go to Walmart the other day in my slippers. I was in a no-sleep stupor from being up all night with Win.


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