Tuesday, December 21, 2010

date night

i can't wait to tell you about this amazing date night that i had with husband recently. we had seen this restaurant near our new place when we moved in, and it had wine bottles outside of it. we love wine, so that works out great. doing zero research at all, we assumed it was a bistro. or an italian place. who knows. so we went. and we were extremely surprised! it turns out, it's a souffle restaurant.

wow. what? yep. it's also a green restaurant. i forgot to take the menu home (it has the whole story of the restaurant on in), but i can give you a little of the story. we drank water from glasses made from wine bottles, and wine from glasses made from beer bottles. the silverware is all antique silver (real silver. dude.), and the plates are made from recycled glass. all of the linen is antique french stuff. and wait til we get to the bathrooms.

but first, the night in pictures.

we sat at the kitchen. it was like sitting at the bar in another restaurant, but instead of watching a bartender, we got to watch them make souffles. it was so fun!

real silver. antique.

the "rise no 1 salad"-- greens, blue cheese, apples, pecans, and a sweet vinaigrette. delish.

they gave us a bread guillotine. but the knife was dull.
 i didn't get a photo of our dinners, but i had a truffle and mushroom souffle, and husband had a crabmeat souffle. they were both amazing. his had more flavor initially, but mine was better with each bite.

skip to dessert. we devoured the dinner so fast that i forgot to get a photo. but here's our delicious chocolate souffle.

husband ordered coffee and it came on its own tray.

weird, but i just had to show you the bathroom. you pull the handle to flush.

anyone read french? what's this say?

communal sink. with soap on a stick. and linens. i told you, it's green!

as we left, they gave us a "thought for the night"

and, we passed a brand new cupcake place that was closing for the night. the raspberry cupcake was my breakfast the next day.
the price was, well, a bit steep. so we won't be going back soon, but we will definitely be back. maybe for an anniversary or something.


  1. Oh, wow. That sounds soooooooo good. Love the photos.

  2. Looks like an awesome restaurant and a fun date night! It all looks so yummy.

    btw, Those toilets are pretty typical in europe ;)


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