Thursday, December 23, 2010

a dying what??

let me set the scene for you:

it was a chilly, but beautiful evening. date night. those are always lovely. husband and i had planned to go to southlake, where we would walk the square, take some photos, and enjoy a casual dinner together. probably get some dessert, too.

because it's the holiday season, the christmas station is on.

my favorite christmas song is playing. so i sing along.

husband said, "geez!! you sound like a dying yak!!"

well, i'd like to be upset about it, but i can't really argue with him. while i've never thought of a "dying yak" when i hear myself, i know it's definitely not a beautiful sound.


  1. Wow, how romantic of him...I'm sure he got lots of kisses after that. *rolls eyes*

  2. Hmmmm.... I have to agree with LeLe.

  3. in his defense, it wasn't an exaggerated comment. and we both laughed about it. kinda like when my mom calls me a moose when i blow my nose. haha.

  4. You're the sexiest dying yak I've ever seen!! :)


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