Wednesday, December 15, 2010

guess what, guess what?

i'm back.
i'm thisclose to being back to my old self. i started getting in a great mood about sunday night, when i began to realize that the end was in sight. i was so close to being done with school for the semester. this was the hardest class i've had so far, so the break was very much needed.


i say i'm thisclose to being back to my old self because i'm not quite there yet. sure, i'm LOVING this whole come-home-and-don't-study-or-do-homework thing. and boy, i haven't done a darn thing. i have sat on the couch and, well, that's it. watch tv, read a magazine. that's it.

but i have a cold. sad face. i had a little head cold that has taken a sharp turn and is trying to take up residence in my chest. i do not approve of this. have no fear, i'm taking all my cold precautions. i had chicken dumpling soup for lunch today. i'm taking cold meds and sucking on cough drops all day long. i'm having hot tea in the evenings. i had an orange for dessert tonight (go, vitamin c!). i'm not drinking enough water, but it's partly because i have a bladder the size of a pomegranate seed. that reminds me. i have some seeds in the fridge i need to eat tonight. yum.

in other news, i quit facebook. we'll see how long it lasts-- it's until chris bites his nails. which isn't fair, because my guess is that he's biting them at work still. hrmph.

i haven't gotten my christmas cards out yet. everyone on my list, expect belated christmas cards. see above excuse about being busy with school, then feeling the need to do nothing at all. they'll be out by this weekend, i just don't bet they'll make it everywhere on time.

i think that covers it for today. i'll be back more often now though, i promise!

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