Monday, December 20, 2010

in my bag

i love purses. but that's another post. for today, i'll show you what's in my purse. i know, lots of people have done this type of post before. i never claimed to be original, did i?

my wallet. of course. the playbill from our last theater visit, how the grinch stole christmas (it was amazing). some gum, for kissing time. two notebooks. one for, well, notes (mainly for sermons) and the other for the score keeping of games. yes. i don't know why that one was in there.

FIVE different items for lip application. six, if you count the double-sided one as two. i have issues. hand sanitizer (does anyone else have a husband who ALWAYS references zombieland when offered hand sanitizer? i love it). and cough drops. for this terrible chest cold.

one is never enough, it seems. five pens, count 'em-- FIVE. and one is bright pink. cute. oh, and my mouse necklace, which has wadded itself into a lovely little knot. i have to have husband fix that one now.

not pictured: on love, a novel. because dude, it's awesome and deserves its own post. coming soon. honest.

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