Friday, December 10, 2010

where does the time go?

let's talk about time today. or lack thereof. have you ever really sat down and figured out where you time goes? i started to last night and it made me so exhausted that i fell asleep to it. no joke. it's a little ridiculous what i do with my time.

let's start with the average week for me. how about last week? it's average for the fall semester.

in a week, there are 168 hours. i work 8 hours a day. wait, make that 9-- because i don't take a lunch usually. five days a week, that's 45 hours. add in the commute, 30 minutes round trip each day, and i spend 47.5 hours at work each week. i still have 120.5 hours in the week. this week, i taught at CVC-- spent 1 hour commuting round trip, and 3 hours there. i'm down to 116.5 hours. then i had to grade all of those finals that they turned in. that took me about 4 hours total. so, what's that now... 112.5 hours. oh, have i mentioned that i'm in school myself? yes. so last week i wrote a paper. and also homework. and six discussion posts. which took me about, oh, 10 hours total? that sounds about right. how about date night? 5 hours. now i have only 97.5 hours left. church-- 3 hours. personal hygiene time-- 7 hours. bible reading-- 3.5 hours. 84 hours. we're halfway there. how about that awesome mario cart game that my brother and (future) sister in law got us for a wedding gift? now that we have rechargeable batteries, we play it more. so i probably spent 6 hours on it last week. it's tons of fun. lazy tv time with husband? about 10 hours. I'm at 68 hours. sleeping? 8-9 hours a night. let's go with 8.5 a night. that's 59.5 for the week. wow. only 8.5 hours left! let's just say that goes for relaxing, occasionally reading a chapter for fun, putting totino's pizza rolls in the oven, watching a movie on a tuesday with my husband, that kind of stuff. what's left: ZERO hours. i'm a busy woman... for five more days, until the semester is over. then, i fully plan on reading "junk food", baking goodies, getting back in the kitchen, spending time with my husband... yeah. fun stuff again.


  1. Oh yikes. I don't even want to calculate this. I know where my time goes and you're reading it right now. Straight to the computer.

  2. Erin, you are a hoot. You make me smile.


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