Saturday, January 1, 2011

the anti-resolution post

i don't do resolutions. does anyone anymore? i've seen so many posts lately referring to "goals" over "resolutions". well, not to sound revolutionary or anything (ahem), but i'm going one step further. if i make any sort of goal that is supposed to last for a whole year, i'm going to fail. wouldn't most of us? so, instead, i'm making a lot of smaller goals. monthly goals. and i'll turn this blog into a page in the near future so i can keep track of it. cause it usually ends up being about accountability, right? whether you're actually checking or not, i'm tricked into thinking you are, so i have to keep up with it.

limit processed food intake. make a lot of food from scratch.
don't eat *artificial* sugar.  replace processed with raw sugar. eat in moderation.
no sodas (no problem), no chocolate (big problem).
*edit: one small chocolate serving, once a week.*
*preferably dark chocolate.* 
eat a grapefruit.
paint the frames that have been hanging out in the spare room.
get rid of the "junk" in the master bedroom.
research a natural cleaner and scrub the couch.


  1. Ok, I get being healthy, etc. I have plans along those lines myself. (I printed the 28 day challenge this morning and plan to stick to with a few modifications) But I do have to wonder why "no chocolate" rather than say "Only dark and only once a week" or something? I guess, for me, I find that moderation is easier to stick to than "No NO NO" And still affords some indulging in the things you enjoy.

  2. check my edit. you raised a wonderful post.

  3. Great idea on the once a month goals. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish. I've already marked two off my list so far.


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