Friday, January 14, 2011

the attack of the killer grapefruit

i tried a grapefruit for the first time.
ignore the funny color of the photos.
it's my webcam.

so, to eat a grapefruit:

cut it in half. 

sprinkle with sugar. just a teaspoon.

put it in a bowl.

hesitantly taste it.

and, reaction? it's not so bad!
next time, i'll use white sugar though.
the natural sugar crystals were a little big.
i'll have another one tomorrow!
i'd like to find a less-messy way of eating it though.


  1. Oh Man, I feel hardcore. I never use sugar on my grapefruit. Cut it in half, get one of those nifty serrated spoons and go to town! Of course that's how we ate them growing up. Congrats on trying your first grapefruit! (they peel and segment easily like oranges too)


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