Thursday, January 20, 2011

an award! [a little late...]

i won!

but i'm lazy.
which actually means i'm busy, if you've been keeping up with my tweets. and my blog posts. and my life. crazy busy. but i'm glad to take the few minutes to get this taken care of.

i got this award from the tame one, and i'm so happy! it's always nice to know someone keeps up with your blog. even better to know they think you're sweet enough for an award.

to accept it, i have to tell you five guilty pleasures. 
to be honest, i'm only accepting this award because i love to share my guilty pleasures.

guilty pleasure #1
horrible movies. serious. since it's my birthday "weekend", which means i get to pick the movie, we just picked up "megashark vs crocosaurus". giant monsters fighting it out. oh, and steve urkel is in it. win. but really, any crappy movie. something starring a has-been disney star? i'm all over it. anything that went straight-to-video? bring it on.

guilty pleasure #2
reading my kindle. all the time. i'd do it in place of homework, if that didn't mean possibly failing school.

guilty pleasure #3
totino's pizza. i'd rather that dollar pizza over a digiorno any day.

guilty pleasure #4
anything steeler-related. actually, anything related to pittsburgh in general. whether it's the skin for my kindle, or some socks, or wearing my jersey on game day. i'm all over it. my family sends me something steeler every christmas. this year? a smiley face cookie magnet. i love them.

guilty pleasure #5
rainy days, cup of hot tea on the table, wrapped in a blanket. with nothing to do.
life is good.

another thing i have to do to accept this award? bequeath it to three others.
thing is, all the blogs i'd pick are already chosen by others.
i guess it's a small [blog] world.

and, after all the nice things that tame had to say about me, you'd think i could have something nice to say about others. but really, i'm typing this while nursing the ends of a migraine, so i'm going to call it early on this one. hope you all have a phenomenal day!

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