Saturday, January 22, 2011

[before and after] foot of the bed {sorta}

so, this is a halfway post. because i didn't take a picture of the before for this area, but did take a picture of the straightened-up-and-good-enough-but-not-quite-what-i-want area.

here ya go:

foot of bed mid

and since this was a goal for january, i have sort of completed it. i mean it. you should have seen it before this. there were about four empty-ish boxes from when we moved in, and more salvation army donation stuff... so this is big. it's functional and simple. and i kind of like how the empty boxes are serving as an end table for the alarm clock. well, i like it in an "i feel like i should be in college with this decor" way.

so, because i can't show you the true before and after, i'm showing you what i plan on doing with it.

foot of bed after1

bench, $89. i can make a cushion if we need one.
bookshelves, only $29 each.
wall art is debatable. i don't know what i want up there.


  1. i like the inspiration pic, looks great!

  2. I love that bench! You can always throw a blanket over those boxes while you're in transition. :)

    I'm working on my before-and-after top of my chest of drawers and that cabinet in the living room but I'm not through yet.


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