Tuesday, January 11, 2011

book vs kindle

everyone does a review.
this is not a review. this is my personal story. 
you're probably aware by now that i got a kindle for chritmas. as much as i wanted one, i was certain that, (1) if i got one, it would take a while to get used to reading on it instead of a book, and (2) i would dearly miss the smell of the pages, cracking of the spine, and all the real-ness that is a book-in-print.

well, after just two weeks of owning it, i can tell you for certain that i'm converted. i got a case the day after christmas, which means i can carry it in my purse without fear of scratching the screen. it's with me all the time. and, if it isn't, i have an app on my iphone (which is almost always with me anyways) and i can read on there. it's great.

books are free. so, so many. i currently have 84 books on my kindle, and i haven't paid for a one of them. some are study guides to help with my classes. some are classics (which, as i understand, are all public-domain-- aka, free), and a ton are just fun novels. plus, if you follow @freeebookdeal on twitter, you wake up every day to anywhere from 10 to 50+ free books available if you want to download them. oh, i also have games. sudoku, word jumbles, all sorts.

i started to read a print book the other day. one that i had started reading before christmas and just had to finish. well, it gave me a headache. maybe it's mental or something, but the kindle is easier to read than an actual book.

i love my kindle. it's the best gift my husband could have given me. huge bonus? it came with an already-applied pittsburgh steeler skin!


  1. Awesome aren't they! I love mine too :)

  2. I'm glad you love yours. I'm in love with mine and love that I can take it pretty much anywhere.


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