Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i'm a newlywed again

it feels so good to be a newlywed.

even though i've been married for all of 4.5 months, it seemed like so much longer for the first, well, 4.4 months. because i was stupid and decided to work. AND teach evening class. AND take two classes for my master's.

and that's a horrible idea when you should be spending tuesday on the couch with my new husband. AND cooking him great meals. AND getting used to living with him.

see what i mean? i was a miserable person and my poor husband didn't deserve it.

but lately, i love life! i am stress-free and enjoying every moment of everything i do. i love working and cleaning and preparing. and making lunches for husband. and cooking him delicious dinners. and cuddling on the couch together watching episodes of weeds.

which means, my husband and i love life. because you know, if wifey ain't happy, ain't nobody happy :-)

here's proof of our wedded bliss-fun-ness. forgive the iphone quality.

and because one is never enough, here's husband's favorite.

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