Wednesday, January 5, 2011

it all started with a forgotten phone. [warning. long post. but it's fun.]

i met some friends at the mall to go to the movies. it was raining, so when i forgot my phone, i decided against going back to get it.

then i realized, we had "tentative" plans, and what if one of them texted me?? i'd have no way to know! and they'd think i'm not replying to them, and maybe they'd think i'm not coming, and they'd decide to stay home, and i'd be stuck at the movies all alone. not that i'm against going to the movies alone, it's just that i was really looking forward to seeing this movie with these friends!

so, i do what any sane person would do.
i stalked people who were using iphones and asked to send an email.
because i live in the age where i don't have phone numbers memorized, but i do have email addresses memorized. do you know how hard this is? not the asking part, but the getting someone to send an email for you part.
i even had one guy tell me he didn't have internet service. seriously? you have an iphone. tell me you don't want me to use it. but don't dare lie and tell me you don't have internet.
i got so many funny looks. apparently no one understands the need to send an email in lieu of making a phone call.
to end this part of the story, i found a gentleman who sent the email for me. check.

next? i didn't have my phone or pager, so i don't know what time it is. so, i took advantage of the MAJOR after christmas sales at macy's and purchased a new purse and watch.

anyways, we eventually found each other. at the ticket counter. where we purchased our tickets. then headed to the escalator to go upstairs to the theater (sidenote: i always want to write "theatre" instead of "theater"). where the guy tears your ticket stub before you go upstairs. where he asks for an id.
wait, what?
being carded at the movies??
i seriously thought he was joking. i don't get carded at the bar, let alone for a movie.
he wasn't kidding. i had to show my id. to get into an R-rated movie. i've never had to do that before.

after we stopped by the snack bar, then found our seats, i decided i wanted to get a bottle of water. so i went back to the snack bar. luckily, it was pretty empty. i guess not many people go to the movies on tuesdays after work. so i walked up to the guy and said (and i quote), "i'd like a bottle of water, please"-- to which he replied, [insert weird stare here]. what? dude. it's not rocket science. it's a bottle of water. so, i held my arm straight out with the money, hoping he'd really understand that, yes, i want a bottle of water.
he finally got it.

and, last but certainly not least...
we got to the theater early. because i like to have my pick of the seats. i don't like to be the person stuck at the front of the theater, or squeezing in between to people who are using their seats as shopping bag holders. well, 10 minutes after the trailers started, someone came in late. while there were still a number of seats up closer to the theater, they noticed the seemingly weird arrangement of seats located in our vicinity, and asked us to scoot down. they asked us to move. when we were there first! no big deal usually, but we chose seats that were located where you can put your feet up on the bar. and when we moved, we lost the bar. so couldn't put our feet up. and it's not like she asked it politely. she asked in a way that made it seem like we didn't have a choice. rude.

but, this movie made it all worth it.

how was your tuesday?

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