Monday, January 24, 2011

love languages

have you seen jon acuff's stuff christians like today?

then you can participate in today's discussion.

what's your love language? i'm not talking physical touch, acts of service, and all those other ones. i'm talking the jon acuff languages.

here's some of my love languages (hint, hint):

1. unexpected trinkets. a trip to the dollar store for a little frame, or some candy when you pick up our medicines at the pharmacy... these are perfect little things. and you know chocolate is always a win. the key is to make it "unexpected".

2. undivided attention: i really really like to be the center of our conversation. not in an "i'm better than you" way, but in an "i really don't want to repeat myself because you're too busy watching that commercial" way.

3. building puzzles: but i like it best when you let me do the border. it's the easiest and i'm not so great at puzzles, so i feel like i've made an accomplishment when i finish it.

4. doing the dishes: well, this is one i can give and receive. i give it by making you a lovely dinner and getting pretty near every pot in our house filthy, and i receive it when you clean the kitchen spotless.

5. window shopping: it's so fun to dream of the things we can't afford, and probably wouldn't even buy if we had the money to do so. really. or just going to target or home stores to window shop. let me dream about how i'm going to decorate our spare bathroom, when it's really just fine how it is. or how i'd redo the kitchen from scratch if i didn't love it so much as it is right now.

so, your turn. what are your unexpected love languages?

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  1. Love this! You left a few out though. Like "Watching Steelers games, while husband cheers with you". Also, "ice cream" duh! And my personal favorite "Watching horrible B- movies with prehistoric mutated monsters killing large cities". :)


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