Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my first time at panera bread

we were on our way home from bible study, and since it's cold, and had been spitting snow all day, it was the perfect day for soup. wait! not just soup. soup in a bread bowl. yummy. but i don't feel like making a big pot of soup, and i know we don't have ingredients for any of the kinds that i'd have picked to make. plus, there's the issue of the bread bowl!

so, on the way home, we passed panera bread. i asked husband if he thought they'd have soup, and he said "yes!"-- so we turned around to go there. i ordered the tomato basil bread bowl. husband ordered the broccoli and cheese bread bowl. so satisfied.

then, they told us they were out of bread bowls. but they'd give us big bowls of soup and lots of extra bread.

of course we'll take that!

it was delicious.


  1. I love Panera and I love bread bowls. But I love you more. :)

  2. OMG! I <3 Panera! So much... their lemonade is amazing! And the broccoli cheese and wild rice chicken are my favorites! Glad you discovered this awesome coffee house/cafe/thing. And boo on being out of bread bowls. Try the three cheese bread as well, but they are often out of that too!

  3. I, too, love Panera. I would not mind them being out of bread bowls, because I prefer a good french bread to dunk, the inside of the bowl just gets soggy.


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